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The Swiss Ball Guide to Building a Stronger Core
Strength From the Inside Out

The ultimate guide showing you how to use a Swiss ball to improve your posture, core strength and overall muscle tone!  


With clear, detailed instructions and full colour photos, this complete workout guide includes:

  • Warm-ups

  • Basic and Advanced exercises

  • Cool down/Stretch exercises

  • Sample programs to get you started, and

  • BONUS Lifestyle Six Foundation Principles of Health


By incorporating these exercises into your weekly routine, you will also benefit from stronger muscles and bones, an increased metabolism, better sleep, improved aerobic capacity, and a general feeling of a sense of achievement and wellbeing.

Get your copy now!

About the Author

Nick Ellson has been coaching PT and group clients for over 15 years & considers the Swiss ball an essential tool in helping his clients achieve their health and fitness goals!