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More About Calista

March 6, 2018



My name is Calista - your new PT and Group Instructor at Northside Fitness - and I’m a physical therapist. What is that?


A physical therapist is an allied health practitioner who incorporates a variety of mind/body techniques to help people manage injuries and specific health conditions (Diabetes, Parkinson’s, Endometriosis, PCOS, depression, anxiety, arthritis, Cancer etc) enjoy movement and good health.


I was drawn to this specialisation because I have endometriosis, a chronic pain condition which affects hormones, but also how my body moves and responds to exercise and food.

Many standard fitness options at gyms or high intensity programs can affect how I experience pain and how often. Now I apply my knowledge to exercise to my body’s requirements so I can enjoy being active and manage my pain.


How can this help you?

Specialist exercise programs can help you stay active while managing your injury or allow you to be active on your terms when living with an ongoing health condition.

I work with physiotherapists and GPs to deliver tailored programs to rehabilitate injuries or help people manage conditions and recover post-surgery or treatment. Often this can be a more accessible and financially friendly option to seeing a physiotherapist.


And I can come to you, supporting you in the comfort of your home.

I have had the very humbling experience of working with women recovering from cancer and helping them regain circulation post-chemo, incorporate yoga and meditation into their day to battle the ups and downs of treatment, and prepare for their fun run challenges when in remission.


You don’t have to miss out of enjoying exercise because you have an injury or condition which can deter you from group classes or high intensity training.


At Northside Fitness we are here to help you experience exercise and good health on your terms.


I incorporate yoga and pilates into all my exercise programs because the philosophy behind these modalities addresses biomechanical imbalances, like tight muscles or pain in movement, muscle weakness or lingering illness, but also helps develop understanding of your body and how it likes to move for optimal health.


If you think I could help you, please get in touch for a chat about your circumstances, goals and availability. It may require a few steps, letter from your GP or physio, a gentle beginning, but we will find the right option for you.


I look forward to meeting you.


Calista :)


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