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About Running

May 7, 2017


I love my running, it is to me a way to relax, unwind and it gives me a chance to have a bit of ME time. Meanwhile I’m selfishly having the time of my life, I’m actually doing my body a huge favour.


There are so many health benefits to running and basically all you need for it is a good pair of running shoes (preferably in neon colour) and a bit of pavement and off you go. Anytime, anywhere and no excuses :)


No fuss, no gym fees and no annoying crowds hogging the machines at the peak hour. Running is great, it is freedom and a fantastic way to escape...... just you pushing away,  kilometre by kilometre.


Here are a few facts about what is actually happening to your body while you are performing this very simple yet effective exercise that we were all born to do:


  1.  You lose weight

  2. You live longer

  3. You decrease your risk of developing cancer

  4. You boost your immunity

  5. You strengthen your muscles

  6. You reduce your risk of developing diabetes

  7. You improve your sleep and boost your energy

  8. You lift your mood

  9. You strengthen your bones

  10. You reduce your risk of high blood pressure and heart disease 


So? Pretty convincing reasons to start moving my friends! Let’s not forget all the nagging teachers telling us from the early age to stop running at school because they were all wrong! We are designed to run, it is one of the fundamental and most natural movement for us humans to perform.


As we do our best for human kind at Northside Fitness we now have a running program that will ease you into running in no time.



The program is suited for complete beginners - mixing up running intervals and walking recovery; each week we aim to increase the running intervals and shorten the walking; until we reach our target and run non stop for 5km.


I’m 100% positive we will absolutely smash it :)


Every fourth session we will concentrate on core strength for runners, stretches, breathing, running techniques and rolling for muscle recovery. We will touch on runner’s diet, protein and carbohydrate intake, supplements and of course running fashion, gadgets and gossips.


We will also have a brag about our running achievements and exchange ideas and experiences. 


I’m very excited about this program, because it was my dream since I’ve started my training as a personal trainer.  Now thanks to Nick I can turn my dream into a reality and help others to experience the wonderful effect of being bitten by the running bug. I’m looking forward helping people to run and train safely and injury free


I hope I will see you soon!


Yours in fitness

Martina :)

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