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April 30, 2018

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Welcome to the Northside Fitness Blog!

April 25, 2017


This is the perfect place to for us to explore different health topics with you - to share ideas and have discussions that we may not have time to go into depth during or after classes!


Over the coming months there will be exercise tips, lifestyle advice, recipe, testimonials... and much more!  All designed to help you to improve your health and wellness :)


To start with we'd like to share with you a testimonial that we are most proud of and that really sums up what Northside Fitness is about and how we are here to help you bring back your sparkle!  


Sonya from Ferny Hills shares her reasons for joining Team NF...


Why did you approach Northside Fitness?

“I've been talking about getting into some sort of fitness routine for some time now but wasn't sure what to do...gym membership...self imposed routine including purchasing expensive equipment ...swimming...cycling...work-based boot camp...the list goes on. But, it took my recent bout of ill health to get me into action. I needed to improve my fitness and health...full stop. On Mother's Day, I got a bicycle and at the end of the first ride, I saw a sign for Northside Fitness offering small group fitness training. So, I thought I'd give it a go to complement my bicycling”

When did you make the decision and how?

“I attended a free trial session and, although I felt really out of shape then, I enjoyed the class. I decided then to continue at least 2 sessions a week. I just told Nick that's what I wanted to do and after minimal paperwork (just had to sign, really) it all became reality”

What is your weekly/ monthly health budget?

“I really didn't have a 'health budget'...however, $35.00 a week with Northside didn't seem a bad investment. I've been purchasing equipment lately to continue the workouts at home but feel confident now that what I'm buying I will use”

How do you feel now?

“I've been going for about six weeks now and I feel a whole lot better than I did when I started. My breathing is better, my strength is better and my endurance is better...plus, I'm pretty sure my waistline is better. My daughter must think so too 'cause she's joined Northside Fitness as well. My husband has also commented on my improved fitness because he doesn't have to 'wait' for me to catch my breath any more on our weekly walk up the markets on Sunday mornings. I can make it there and back keeping a steady pace, which makes me feel good about myself as well”

Any final words of advice?

“I joined at the first session and never looked back.  I had a gym membership ages ago but didn't like it very much...it was pretty mundane.  I like the sessions with Northside Fitness. The trainers keep us guessing and we never do the same routine twice, which is great for those who get bored easily. Also, when they go through the routine at the start of the session, we are always given options at each station so that everyone in the group is working to their own goals and capabilities on the day.  The small groups are great for those who don't want to get lost in the fitness hype but want a more non-competitive, relaxed environment.  Still unsure...what have you got to lose with a free trial?! “




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