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North Brisbane -

Samford Valley to Ashgrove

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We bring experience and a variety of exercise equipment straight to your door or a nearby park, where you can exercise in privacy and the great Australian sunshine!

Spend your time and money purely on personal training, rather than paying for machines and fitness classes you never use at the gym!

Save money, get a tailored approach & have someone motivate you to success.

"I look forward to training with Kim!   Progress is outstanding & I am more than happy to report I have hit the major milestone goal (down to 90kg from 108 at the beginning of the year – indeed down from a bit higher than that previously, but in our time together 18 kgs reduction and improved core strength, balance and overall fitness).

I’m shooting for 85 kg if I can which I think is a great maintenance weight.

So – for now build on progress and get it completely locked in to my lifestyle and use this next 3 month period to plan the future level of support and opportunity.

Thanks to Kim whose approach has been perfect for me – terrific job".

                                                                                                        David, Bridgeman Downs



We look at fitness differently!  It's not just about lifting weights or going for a run around the the park (although there might be some of this!), but our view is wider - how lack of sleep, poor nutrition and dehydration equal a very stressed body that cannot deal with the high physiological load that many gym users and super active people inflict on themselves BFFORE de-stressing their bodies!


With Team NF, your training is structured around everyday movements (functional training) - designed to help your body be stronger in things you 'just do'.  Climbing in and out of the car, putting out the washing, picking up children/grandchildren, climbing the stairs - everyday training for every-body!

"Nick has been my personal trainer for 13 months, following a period where I broke my elbow and lost all my fitness and upper body strength.  Having had success and failures with personal trainers before, I was very clear that I wanted to focus on weights & strength training, upper body rehabilitation and to work very hard. 


Nick listened well and created a very customised programme based on these requests.  He helped me set specific targets and kept the program varied to maintain my interest and challenge level. 13 months later & we have already passed several milestones that seemed a long way off when we started!


I would highly recommend Nick to anyone looking for a motivation, tailored and 'personal' training experience".

                                                                                                                           David, Indooroopilly

SESSION One - Complimentary

We offer a no-obligations, no-expectations completely FREE trial session so you can feel confident that we're the right trainers for you!  Call Nick to book your session.

We come to you

We motivate you

No long-term contracts

Pay purely for training

Free first session

What have you got to lose?  stress, tiredness, weight, worry?

What have you got to gain?   shape, strength, wellness, energy!