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Symptoms are NOT normal - 

illness and injuries don’t just occur with aging!

Holistic Lifestyle Coaching

A unique program, specifically tailored for you, that will help you to really understand your body - how it is currently working and how we can help to shift old habits so you feel energised and alive...

What you will Learn

  • we will analyse your metabolism and your hormones, and assess how they are functioning

  • which stressors are placing the most strain on your body and how to deal with them

  • analysis of your sleep cycle

  • how to improve your posture and overall wellbeing from the INSIDE out

  • the difference between 'working out' (traditional exercise) and 'working in' (energy building/ breathing) and which one will best suit you and your current lifestyle

  • reducing your toxic load

  • the importance of the digestive system - your 2nd "brain" - gut health and how to improve yours

  • ... and much more!

How it Works

  • Initial 60 minute online interview

  • Completion of detailed forms & checklists

  • ... all to enable the creation of a Personalised Plan of Action AND a Daily/Weekly Habit Changing checklist

  • Online (skype) Coaching & Accountability- 30mins per week for 12 weeks


                     "I embarked on a 12-week online program with Nick feeling tired and fed up!

                      I learnt that I can achieve what I want and reach my goals with much less effort than I had thought.

                      Nick provided me with a simple and effective program that I could complete at home.

                      I now feel more energised, sleep better and have  improved digestion".                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Meagan, London, UK


In addition to Holistic Lifestyle Coaching, you may choose to dig deeper...

Nick is a Kaizen Health Practitioner who can help you further by assessing and treating Food Sensitivities and Adrenal Fatigue.

Kaizen Your Health helps relieve your body from stress and regain your optimal health. We want to take care of your health so you can do what you do best. We want you to share your talents and live your most fulfilling life.

Food Sensitivity Testing

45% of you reading this right now are intolerant or sensitive to a food that causes unwanted stress and inflammation in your body.

Our Test measures 93 high risk foods using a leading laboratory to analyse the result (instead of making expensive and time consuming doctor appointments followed by laboratory appointments followed by test results appointments).

The process is simple:

  • an easy 'at home' test 

  • a 1-1 consultation with a naturopath/nutritionist to review /understand your results

  • guidance on an optimal nutritional plan for you after removing food and food groups that you are sensitive to. 

Stress Hormonal Testing (Adrenal Fatigue)

A simple At Home Kit that measures your individual hormonal profile to see how your body is coping with stress.

When we are under stress, our nervous system helps us respond by triggering a sympathetic response. This sympathetic response increases our heart rate and blood pressure, increases water retention, lowers insulin, and acts on the adrenal glands to produce the stress hormones adrenalin and cortisol.  Thus preparing the body for 'fight or flight'.


Rather than treating symptoms with a pill, we are interested in what is causing the stress and disease in the body.


Our test measures cortisol levels throughout the course of the day - morning, midday, afternoon and night time and includes a personalised action plan to reduce your stress levels.