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Do you struggle to keep fit?

Gym a waste of money?

Looking for a class where you can exercise with your friends?

"My motivation for starting with Northside Fitness was simple - Get fit. What was unexpected was getting fit with a group of other people made it far more enjoyable than going to a gym where I was unlikely to talk to anyone. Since joining NF I have felt myself getting fitter by the week, my clothes are getting loose around my waist, and my goals are getting closer than ever before with every training session. My advice to anyone thinking of starting with NF: exercising outdoors and with a team really helps you to keep coming back!  Call Nick; your future self will thank you for it"!!

                                                                                                                                                                         Matt G, Ferny Hills



Joining a Team NF Group Fitness class means you can work out with your friends & family - share the sweat! We have indoor and outdoor classes - all held at the All Saints Church Hall and Grounds  depending on the weather and time of year!


There are a variety of group classes across the week - circuit training, cardio workout, boxing, core strength and yoga.  All classes are designed to challenge all muscles of the body in a functional manner and can be adapted to suit any level of fitness or ability, thereby better preparing you for day to day life!  We take pride in nurturing each individual to improve on their own previous best.



You will be pushed, but to a safe level, and one where you will finish with a huge feeling of achievement and personal endeavour.   We have a maximum 10 places per group fitness class to ensure everyone gets some attention and so your Instructor can remember all your names!



If group fitness class times do not suit, private group fitness classes can be arranged to suit you.


Check the Group Fitness Timetable, then call Nick to book in - your first week is FREE!

Strengthen bones and joints

Feel energised

Lose bodyfat

Tone all over muscles

Have fun

Meet new friends

Free first session

"After the 12 weeks [X-Fit Challenge] I feel I am more conscious of what I am eating, ensuring that there is plenty of variety with a combination from all food groups.  I feel so much more energised and losing a few kilos feels GREAT!! 


I would recommend the challenge to anyone, it is a bit of fun, helps you set some goals, gain some knowledge regarding a healthier lifestyle and lose some weight along the way - which is always a bonus!"         

                                                                                                                                                                                         Maureen, Stafford Heights

"From the moment I rang Nick at Northside Fitness, after making the decision that I really needed to get on top of things health wise, I have been made to feel very welcome.  And my timing could not have been better, Biggest Loser ‘NF style’ was just getting underway.  


I found it a great motivator and everyone has been so supportive of each other and encouraging.  I will definitely be in it again next time round.  I love all the classes I attend, they are varied, the trainers are always there to assist and give advice.   Whilst we do work very hard in each class, we always find something to laugh about and this along with the results keeps us going again and again.

Whilst I am still on my journey, with a way to go yet, I’m definitely happy with my decision to join the Northside Fitness Team”.


                                                                                                                                                                                         Sandie, Ferny Hills