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Northside Fitness is a mobile personal training and group fitness service, based in the north and west suburbs of Brisbane.


We look after you from day one, improving your health and fitness in a sensible, progressive manner. With no intimidating ‘gym junkies’ close by, you will rediscover how much fun exercise can be, boosting your energy levels and giving you back your sparkle!


Our mobile personal training and group fitness sessions are designed around ‘old fashioned’ customer care - no lengthy contracts or expensive joining fees plus your first session free. You don’t need any more stress (gyms taking all your money and then forgetting about you) right?  We offer a mobile personal training and group fitness package to suit every budget.


  Nick Ellson

Mobile Personal Training

Northside Fitness mobile personal training is dedicated to helping people of all ages keep fit, in the comfort of their own homes or the local park.  Learn how to make YOUR exercise most effective, motivating and fun without leaving your front door!  

With mobile personal training we bring everything to you – a comprehensive range of dumbbells, swiss balls, medicine balls, exercise bands, balance disc, boxing pads, bodyfat/fitness testing equipment and stretching/ massage mats.  All you need to do is turn up and we will do the rest.  Inspiring you. Motivating you.  Most importantly helping you achieve results. 

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  Nick Ellson


Group Fitness Training

Northside Fitness group fitness training gives you the opportunity to work out with your friends and family and share the sweat!

At our indoor and outdoor venues, we run a circuit of 1-2 minute exercises, challenging all muscles of the body in a functional manner, thereby better preparing you for day to day life!  This is NOT a boot camp however, so all fitness levels are encouraged.

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Online Health Coaching

Speak to Nick about a truly bespoke program that is tailored to meet your individual needs. An inital assessment is followed by 6 weekly sessions. Analysis of new assessment at the end of 6 weeks means you can clearly trace your progress and results.

This unique package will help you fine tune and reach your health goals, from the comfort of your house!

Kaizen Diagnostics

From early May, we are delighted to be able to offer Food Sensitivity Testing and Adrenal Fatigue Testing. In addition, further expertise to review your movement patterns, any joint restrictions and structural issues that may be hindering your health.

Contact Nick to be advised when this is available.